Monday, April 20, 2009

Swatch Funwear (1987)

tag sticker grabbed from Flickr

Every girl in my Junior High had this sticker affixed to her Trapper Keeper. Ah, this image brings back many memories of plaid skirts, jelly bracelets, banana clips and saddle oxfords. Damn you, Catholic school girl fixation!

From Fortune Magazine, August 5, 1985- so don't bother calling your broker. Please note- if Fortune Magazine describes something as "funky", you must understand that you have the blessing of corporate connoisseurs of dubious middle class cool and your days are numbered:

"The Swiss watch industry ticked back to life with Swatch, a popular,
inexpensive plastic watch sold by Swatch Watch U.S.A., a subsidiary of
Switzerland's ETA. Now the company is opening 300
Swatch shops in U.S. department stores to sell Swatch-brand items such as
sweatshirts, sunglasses, and funwear -- funky shirts, pants, and hats -- in
addition to watches. Retail sales from Swatch products are expected to top
$140 million in 1985, vs. $32 million last year. "

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