Monday, April 20, 2009

selling on ebay: Swatch funwear camp shirt (1986)

I just listed this gorgeous Swatch camp shirt on ebay. There was not much about Swatch funwear on the internet, but these were all the rage when I was in Junior High. Unfortunately, I could not afford Swatch gear when I was a kid, though I did bully a poor Indian kid at my high school in to selling me his X swatch a few years later at the tail end of the Swatch trend- which I later sold on ebay after unfortunatley shattering the face a few years ago after wearing it almost every day for 10+ years. I really dig the comic book art on this shirt, but the internet couldn't help me to find the name of the artiste'. There are a few print advertisements on eBay for Funwear, confirming the date on this item.

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