Monday, April 6, 2009

1924 Chicago White Sox baseball jersey, or hey brother, can you spare a $10,000 starting bid?

Grabbed from the Uniwatch blog- From the auction:
"To the best of our knowledge, this is one of only three 1924 Chicago World Tour
uniforms in existence...The cream-colored flannel jersey is lettered “Chicago”
across the front in two-tone red on navy felt. Identical “Flag” patches adorn
each sleeve. Both the sleeve ends and collar display a red and blue piping. The
front of the collar also features four small felt “Stars” (two red and two blue). A “Spalding” label appears in the collar as does a white strip tag lettered “Chicago –
Picinich – 40” (team, player, jersey size). The name “Picinich” is stitched in navy on the rear right tail...The 1924 World Tour was the third such tour made by the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox, with the first two having taken place in 1913/1914 and 1917, respectively. As stated in the official program, “The object and aim of the tour of Europe by America’s two great baseball teams from its two largest cities, namely New York and Chicago, has a twofold object. One is to exhibit America’s National Game in foreign lands – by the game’s greatest exponents, namely the New York Giants, champions of the National League, and the Chicago White Sox, members of the American League. But the higher and greater object of this trip to Europe is to try and transplant America’s game in athletic and sport-loving countries – who desire to adopt some game that has both the athletic and mental attributes conducive to the physical development of the youth of their country.” Like the previous two trips made by the clubs, the nucleus of each roster consisted of members of the Giants and White Sox, but each lineup was augmented by players from other Major League clubs. Val Picinich was a member of the Boston Red Sox in 1924 and, along with Washington’s Muddy Ruel, was one of the two catchers on the White Sox roster. The tour took the clubs to seven countries, including England, France, Italy, and Germany, and was highly celebrated at the time. It must be noted that world baseball tours were very infrequent, and the 1924 tour marked the last one made by the Giants and White Sox. The next major world tour did not occur until 1931, when an all-star contingent, led by Lou Gehrig, traveled to Japan."
Dear God! It's bad enough that the Sox home open was SNOWED OUT, but to stumble across this absolutely beautiful jersey has got me itching for the beginning of baseball season in the worst way! When I'm an eccentric internet millionaire, I will buy these kinds of things on a whim for my White Sox museum/pinball emporium/ punk rock show space/ vintage video game arcade/ vintage record listening club and exchange that I will open within walking distance of my season tickets at Comiskey behind home plate. Won't you help me to realize that dream?

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