Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Esquire- fedoras on the march (1950)

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"Photograph of a display of men's fedora hats during Spring Market Week in Los Angeles, ca.1950. Two stacks of hats can be seen near center. The stacks are canted outward, forming a V shape. There are more hats on display on the ground at left and right, while several small cacti are at center. A large sign at center describes the events of Market Week, while at left and right, there are drawings of a man tipping his hat. Copies of Esquire Magazine can be seen in the lower left and right corners of the image.The sign at center reads as follows: "Los Angeles Spring Market Week January 21-February 1 350,000 Hats a year made by the George Bailey Hat Company, the largest Men's Hat Manufacturers on the Pacific Coast and the only makers of Straw Hats west of St. Louis"."
the smaller sign at center announces that this particular model was called The Esquire (hence the copies of Esquire Magazine in the corner) and sold for $3.
And how!

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