Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Anderson Shoe Company catalog (1915)

I love the color scheme and illustrations on this one. When was the last time you read a clothing manufacturer bragging about cementing their seams? There's not much about this company on the internet, any info is welcome!

Excerpt from "Boot and Shoe Recorder" a trade magazine from 1922:

"Baltimore- Big Fall Business Ahead- The local retail merchant has been experiencing the usual between-season business but is looking forward to a banner season this fall. About all the stores are showing advance fall styles...indications are that perforated patterns will sell big this coming season."

Dull as dishwater, but again, tells a little something about the hidden history of America. There are HUNDREDS of small time shoe companies listed in this boring yet facinating trade magazine. There used to be a thriving domestic shoe industry, scattered throughout the country and highly responsive to local tastes, valuing quality of construction, but at the same time, looking to expand out of market by producing snappy catalogs such as the one above.

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