Thursday, December 11, 2008

May and Halas Sporting Goods

Amazing tag, cribbed from Uniwatch, my new favorite blog. "About that May & Halas tag, Papa Bear actually ran a team-supply sporting goods store in Chicago. They sold uniforms by Wilson and King-O’Shea, a Wilson subsidiary. The Bears used Wilson or K-OS uniforms right up until the NFL decided to go with a single manufacturer. At one time Halas had his office at the store — in this book, Lamar Hunt mentions that he (Hunt) visited Chicago for a meeting with Halas “at his sporting goods store.”

Now I have to figure out where that was. Another research product. I'm definitely stealing some design elements from this one for my own use.

from this auction I did not win: 1950s Chicago Bears team jacket

Check out this beaut.
I would wear this every single day of my life including 120 degree days here in Phoenix and wear it to bed every night! Can anyone spare $1300?

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Terry said...

Sorry, I can't spare the $, but I do recall that Papa was connected to Morrie Mages Sporting Goods, I think the store was on Clark St.

Give me a call. DB