Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shannon Tweed before gobs of plastic surgery (added bonus: 20 minute workout! (1983)

Does this scream 1983 loudly enough for you? I grabbed this from Google books' collection of Orange Coast Magazine. You may know her from Falcon Crest, but I know her from Cinemax After Dark.
I saw a lot of young girls dressed as "Eighties girls" for Halloween. I know it's easy to hit up American Apparel and be done with it. But to really do it right, you have to be subtle. An interlocking and work out towel and suddenly you've taken it to another level. Get two of your BFFs together and reinact "20 minute work out"!

I'm pretty sure I had my first masturbatory experience as a kid watching this show.

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Jimmy J said...

She looks a heck of a lot more natural than Gene does, he looks ridiculous.