Sunday, June 14, 2009

a free gift for you just for the asking

I picked up these two Girl Scout jackets at a thrift store on the cheap. This level of personalization seems to be a lost art, no? It doesn't seem like people like to socialize with others, let alone actually achieve something. I wonder how the Girl Scouts are doing in general?

Anyway, the only reason I'm doing this blog in the first place is to connect with like-minded people out there and to share the cool stuff that I pick up in my daily time wastings. So rather than selling the patches individually on eBay, I'm offering them to you, my loyal reader, for free if you follow this blog. Simply follow me, email me your address (my email is bulldogvintage at yahoo dot com) and I'll send you out a patch and a nice letter as a special thank you! Tell yr friends- I have hundreds of these patches to give away! See one you like in the photos? Just ask for it!

PS these were a total pain to get off of the jacket- this scout's Mother deserves a merit badge for durable and professional quality patch sewing! I went through a brand new seam ripper getting them off!

* update- the "sing with wings" patch is gone.

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