Wednesday, January 14, 2009

rock t-shirts: Delta 5 (1979)

Julz Sale, lead singer of Delta 5, a band from Leeds, photographed in NY so I can break my self-imposed rule about only documenting American style. Delta 5 featured two bass players and lots of discordant chanted vocals- certainly not everyone's cup of Earl Grey, guv'nor. They were part of the Rock Against Racism movement in England that sprang up in the late 70s as an answer to that twat Eric Clapton's racist blather and the rise of the National Front in the crumbling English empire. They sound a lot like Gang of 4 and Wire, really.

But what caught my eye in this photo is Julz's shirt! It's an ad for Stiff Records, the label that put out records by Ian Drury and the Plasmatics. Of course, this shirt has been bootlegged by some anonymous internet shill. I'd kill for an original (in XL, please, while I'm asking for the impossible.)

from Eugene's Merinov photo blog, great photos from the NY post, post-punk, no-wave era!


jimmy j said...

I'm pretty sure the "legal" bootleggers over at Worn Free will eventually copy this and distribute it to the masses. So sad.

Frank said...

I can't wait to see Miley Cyrus wearing a Worn Free copy of this shirt.